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Product Series: Alley 06236, Mineral 06234, Tweed 06235

Bold 06218

Culturally and stylistically advanced, Bold is designed to evoke the physical idea of movement and vitality. Pushing the boundaries, Bold radically restructures the way we view the floor, gives the illusion of movement against a plane. With Tandus Asia newest product size Plank, Bold presents visual style and rhythmic structures in an excellent way. Bold is also available in modular tile form, it becomes a tactile texture varying in intensity from one tile to the next.

Mineral 06234

Mineral offers a natural experience with a texture that is reminiscent of slate. The pattern of this fine grained foliated metamorphic rock matches perfectly with the contemporary urban look. Cool greys and contrasting colours blend into the office space in a very subtle way.

Tweed 06235

Tweed brings a distinguished pattern inspired by the well-known traditional British woven fabric. Its near-plain design combines very well with other designs in the Tandus collection such as Sculpted Flannel II and Wildflower II.

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